Samurai Shodown Slash

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  • Genre running action
  • Date 2014.10.14
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  • NAVER 앱스토어
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  • olleh
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Game introduction

Arcade world’s absolute king ‘Samurai Shodown’ has returned!

Sharply, More Fast!
Meet ‘Samurai Shodown’ in the palm of your hand. 

■ All new action RunGame!
Stop playing those boring Run only games!
Meet the all new Run and Fight action game.

■ Meet all the popular characters you know and love!
All the characters you met at the arcades
Now you can meet them in the palm of your hands in your mobile.

■ All new Exciting Boss Mode!
No one can Stop me!
Test your skill and limits in the match against the Boss!

■ Thrilling sensation in your hands!
Exciting hitting effects and colorful skills
Realistic action at your fingertips!

■ Run with your Helper and Pet buddy!
Run with your ‘King of Fighters’ Helper characters for more fun and longer run!
The cute pets will become a strong companion on your adventure